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VoIP Information

Some questions you might have about VoIP:

Question: What new technology is this?
Answer: VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol. A technology for transmitting ordinary telephone calls over the Internet.

Question: How does this work?
Answer: We will supply you with an OregonFAST.net telephone adapter to plug into your network. Then, plug in a regular telephone (wired or cordless) into the OregonFAST.net adapter. Then, pick up the phone and start dialing anyone within the US.

Question: Are there any monthly charges?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Does the person I am calling have to have a special adapter or internet connection?
Answer: NO, they need to have a regular working telephone number.

Question: Can I use both my regular telephone line AND the OregonFAST.net broadband VoIP service?
Answer: You bet! This is just another tool at your disposal, to help you get the most out of your broadband service and to save money.

Question: Do I have to be an OregonFAST.net broadband customer?
Answer: No, but you do need broadband service with an OregonFAST.net issued telephone adapter.

Question: Can I be online, using the Internet while making a telephone call?
Answer: Yes, you can do both, at the same time.

Question: Does this work using my telephone line or my cell phone?
Answer: No. This is an entirely separate system from the local telephone company or your cellular telephone company.

Question: Do I have to have a Qwest telephone number or a cell phone?
Answer: No, it makes no difference. It is a completely separate system.

Question: Can I have the same telephone number I use now?
Answer: Yes, this option is called "porting".

Question: How does this benefit me?
Answer: In a number of ways. The first being that it will save you money! You will save the expense of paying for telephone calls, local and long distance, when using the OregonFAST.net broadband VoIP system. The second benefit is that it will allow you an extra line to make outgoing telephone calls. Then you will not "tie up" your regular line. It would even allow you to turn off a telephone line and save the cost of a telephone bill.

Another benefit is for the people who have very good cell phone coverage, in their homes, and don't really use their regular telephone line. Those people could actually discontinue the regular telephone line, use their cell phone for incoming calls and the OregonFAST.net broadband VoIP telephone for outgoing calls. What a great way to cut expenses! Many of OregonFAST.net broadband customers already have discontinued their regular Qwest telephone line and rely on their cell phone. Having the OregonFAST.net VoIP would allow them to save on cell phone minutes.

Question: Can I receive INCOMING telephone calls?
Answer: Yes

Question: What is the quality like? Does this sound like the voice chats when I try to voice chat with someone on the internet?
Answer: The voice quality is just like your regular telephone 95% of the time, at times it may sound like a cell phone conversation.

Question: Can I send a fax over OregonFAST.net broadband VoIP system?
Answer: Yes.

Question: Is this for residential or business?
Answer: This service is for both residential and business users. Residential customers will save money by reducing their communications cost. Business customers will also realize a big financial benefit. Business telephone lines are more expensive, per month, than residential telephone lines. So, the benefit of a business to have broadband services with the OregonFAST.net VoIP service really makes sense.

Question: Will there be any limits on the amount of minutes I can use?
Answer: This depends on the rate plan you choose.

Question: Can I get my own adapter?
Answer: No, you must use our OregonFAST.net VoIP telephone adapter.

Question: Can I count on VoIP for critical calls like to my doctor, emergency room, 911, or financial matters?
Answer: Please refer to the Terms of Service and E911 Notice on the left.

Question: Why would you include this type of service?
Answer: Because OregonFAST.net appreciates their customers and always wants to provide the latest, fastest, and most advanced technology. OregonFAST.net has always looked for ways to give customers significant value and the most modern services. OregonFAST.net has been providing high speed wireless broadband service since 2000 and still today no other company has come close to the speeds we offer. The level of service and customer support cannot be matched! VoIP is just the next step in advanced Internet services and, as always, we think our customers deserve the best!

Question: How do I sign up for this service?
Answer: Stop by the office, call or email billing@oregonfast.net
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