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Florence, OR 97439
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Free Wi Fi

Free Wi Fi in Florence, is sponsored by Welcome to Florence and OregonFAST.net . Our free Wi Fi is intended to benefit the visitors and residents of Florence, who come to the many parks and restaurants. OregonFAST.net has created open wireless access points, or hot spots, at various locations around Florence. New hot spots are added frequently and are provided as a community service.

Locations (see map below)

There are hundreds of OregonFAST.net access points around Florence, but here is a short list: OregonFAST.net Computer Shop (on Kingwood Street), Old Town Bay Street (between the Port of Siuslaw Boardwalk and The Siuslaw River Bridge), North Jetty Beach (near the tower), Siuslaw Public Library, Miller Park, Siuslaw River Coffee Roasters, Grapeleaf Bistro, Morgan's Country Kitchen, Ocean Dunes Golf Links, Landmark Inn and Florence Elks Lodge.

Questions and Answers

Question: What is the OregonFAST.net ESSID or name we should connect our wireless laptop to?
Answer: Connect to Free Wi Fi

Question: Can anyone use this OregonFAST.net free Wi Fi system?
Answer: Yes

Question: Are there any limitations?
Answer: Yes

Question: Does this mean I can cancel my account and stay connected to the OregonFAST.net hot spot, on a full time basis?
Answer: NO, this service is intended for part time users. If you want a permanent OregonFAST.net connection, then you must sign up and pay for service. Call us: 541-902-1566

Question: What are the speeds of my connection?
Answer: Speeds will vary depending upon your signal strength

Question: Do I need to be an OregonFAST.net customer?
Answer: No

Question: Can I use this connection to create a Kazaa or pier to pier connection and download or upload copyrighted songs, movies and programs?
Answer: No, you can NOT use any OregonFAST.net connection for illegal use.

Question: Can I use this connection to send out SPAM (unsolicited commercial email)?
Answer: No. OregonFAST.net does not tolerate, enable or allow any SPAM (unsolicited commercial email) type activity to take place on the network.

Question: Can I sign up for a 24/7 (always on) Wi Fi service?
Answer: Yes, Call us: 541-902-1566.

Question: I have a restaurant and/or business and I would like to offer an OregonFAST.net Wi Fi hot spot service. Can I do this?
Answer: Yes. Contact us: 541-902-1566 We will install an OregonFAST.net broadband internet connection at your location and set up an OregonFAST.net hot spot for you.

Question: Should I be an OregonFAST.net customer?
Answer: Yes, Call us: 541-902-1566.

Here are a few OregonFAST.net Wi Fi hot spot locations:

OregonFAST.net directions from Mapquest
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