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FTP Configuration

Using WS_FTP to Transfer Files
The following is the process you can use to upload files to the Oregonfast.net server using WS_FTP software.

1. Open WS_FTP. If the "Session Properties" dialog box does not open automatically, click on the "connect" button on the
menu bar. This opens your "Session Properties" dialog box. You can select a name from the pull down menu or
select "New" and create one.

2. Confirm or enter the "Host Name" - which will be your domain.

3. For "Host Type" choose "Auto Detect".

4. For "User ID" enter your username.

5. Enter the password you have established with the Internet account you are using.

6. You can leave "Account" blank.

7. You can leave "Remote Host" blank.

8. You can leave "Local PC" blank.

9. Save your configuration if you want and click OK. Your computer will then establish a connection with your ISP server.

10. We suggest you make a directory (or more than one) that mirrors the directories on your hard drive where you will be
exporting the files. In other words, you want the directories and links to be reasonably similar so you don't get
confused when you start loading several pages and multiple directories. If you are connected to Oregonfast.net, you
double-click on the "htdocs" and this area is where you can make your directories and load your home page.

11. You can load your Home Page as a "free-floating" file in the "htdocs" directory and name it "index.html".

12. Then set up your directories as your web page links dictate.

13. Transfer your files from the left window to the right window by using the arrow right button or if you set up the view
button to transfer you can double-click on it. This will activate your homepage (index.html) on the Internet.

14. Open up your browser, and test the pages to make sure the file(s) were transferred and the links work. Change what you need to, reload, and
then select the "close" button and "exit" from WS_FTP. [Note that you may have to clear your browser's cache before
reloading the web page to see if your changes worked.]
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