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When they started feeling unwell, Stuart and Adrian Baker's family was optimistic. Over three weeks, the couple's health deteriorated due to Covid-19.
Tracking virus cases | Newsletter | Podcast | Q&A | CNN town hall

Tracking the virus: Coronavirus cases in the US by state
Tracking Covid-19 cases in the US

Toll rises: US coronavirus deaths surpass 7,000
The US has surpassed 7,000 deaths and some state leaders say there's still a lot they're missing in the battle against the coronavirus.

Victims: Erin Burnett was in tears in this interview. So will you
Newsletter | Podcast | Q&A | CNN town hall • Tracking the virus: Coronavirus cases in the US by state • Live Updates: Coronavirus deaths pass 59,000 globally

Coronavirus deaths pass 59,000 globally

Analysis: 'Normal' will be completely different when this is over
We are all stuck in the midst of this thing -- whether on the front lines of fighting it or just in our houses waiting for it to pass. More and more ...

Trump says some states aren't in jeopardy from the virus, denies saying it would go away by April
• Acosta to Trump: Who dropped the ball?

Trump fires intelligence community watchdog who told Congress about whistleblower complaint that led to impeachment

Some cities see jumps in domestic violence during the pandemic
As more and more Americans are forced to stay home during the escalating coronavirus pandemic, the crisis has created a pressure-cooker situation for domestic violence victims, exacerbating stressors and isolation that can ...

Bodies being left in the streets in this overwhelmed city
The streets of Ecuador's western city of Guayaquil are deserted, with few residents in sight -- and a few dead, as bodies are being left in the streets of this overwhelmed place.

As northern Italy is ravaged by coronavirus, there's trouble brewing down south
Four weeks into a nationwide lockdown, very few Italians are still singing from their balconies or banging pots and pans in solidarity. Instead, flags were lowered to half-staff this week for the ...

Trump berates reporter when asked about Kushner remark
At the White House coronavirus task force briefing, President Trump berated a reporter after she asked him to clarify comments about the federal medical supply stockpile made by his son-in-law and adviser ...

Man dies after hundreds exposed to coronavirus walked around a major airport

What 'Contagion' writer says he can't believe happened in this real pandemic
The writer of the movie "Contagion" Scott Z. Burns says he could have never anticipated the government's response to this very real pandemic. CNN's Anderson Cooper reports.

Search suspended for two lost members of Kennedy family
Authorities are working to recover two members of the Kennedy family, Maeve Kennedy McKean and son, Gideon, McKean's mother said Friday, after they were reported missing in the Chesapeake Bay near Annapolis, ...

Bus driver posted angry video about coughing passenger. He died days later
A bus driver in Detroit shared a video expressing his frustration with a passenger who was not taking proper precautions to prevent the spread of any illnesses. Days later, that bus driver, ...

How to make your own face mask
There's one thing you should know before diving into the conversation around masks: The public should not purchase N95 respirators. Health care workers need those when they're treating coronavirus patients.

That coronavirus baby boom? Experts say it's unlikely
It's a topic of speculation every time a disaster hits.

Most student loan payments are suspended. Here's what you need to know
In an unprecedented move, the US government is automatically suspending payments and waiving interest on federal student loans for six months, providing immediate relief for more than 20 million people currently paying off ...

Worried about infection from take-out? Watch these 3 tips
Follow these guidelines when handling food bought from the grocery store or ordered to your door to reduce your exposure to the novel coronavirus. Watch the latest videos on Covid-19.

Coronavirus symptoms: A list and when to seek help
What are the telling signs that you may have the novel coronavirus which causes Covid-19?

A classic 'Twilight Zone' episode warns us how not to behave during a pandemic
An invisible enemy brings life to a halt. People become isolated and panic. Neighbors start seeing one another as threats.

Here's what experts say about face masks
Should you or shouldn't you wear a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic? Here's what health organizations and top experts say.

What California is doing right in responding to the coronavirus pandemic
The Grand Princess cruise ship floated for days off the coast of San Francisco in early March like an omen to a coming disaster.

Pink is donating $1 million to fight pandemic after weeks with coronavirus
Pink said on social media Friday that she and her son spent weeks in isolation after positive tests for Covid-19 but a few days ago they both tested negative for the deadly ...

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