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Two mountaineers died after crowds of people became stuck in a queue leading to the summit of the world's highest mountain
Two mountaineers have died on Mount Everest after crowds of people became stuck in a queue leading to the summit of the world's highest mountain.

Utah man dies descending Mount Everest
An American mountaineer died Wednesday while descending from the summit of Mount Everest, according to the Nepalese company leading the expedition.

Nepal Sherpa breaks own record by climbing Everest 24 times
A Nepali mountaineer has broken his own record by climbing Mount Everest an unprecedented 24 times -- completing the last two ascents in the same week.

Oxygen in the Death Zone
Mountain guide Kenton Cool talks Ben Fogle through the equipment he will need to survive at extreme altitude.

How a double amputee conquered Everest
It took five attempts and four decades for Chinese climber Xia Boyu to step onto the roof of the world.

Tons of trash removed from Everest as cleanup unearths bodies
Mount Everest is covered in trash.

The human impact on Everest
This year, 28,000 pounds of human waste was removed from base camp. The Mount Everest Biogas Project plans to convert this waste into a usable product.

Doctored videos that make Pelosi sound drunk spread on social media
A manipulated video being shared by some social media users to spread a false claim that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi slurred her words after meeting with President Donald Trump on Wednesday has ...

Analysis: Trump falls for Pelosi's trap
President Donald Trump keeps taking Nancy Pelosi's bait.

Stelter: A pathetic, but persuasive, strain of political disinformation about Pelosi
A version of this article first appeared in the "Reliable Sources" newsletter. You can sign up for free right here.

Trump arrives in Japan with Asia policy in tatters
Shinzo Abe's long game is paying off. Only a year ago, the Japanese Prime Minister was looking like the odd one out as US President Donald Trump cozied up to China's Xi ...

Analysis: Tillerson proves something very crucial about Trump
When Donald Trump chose Rex Tillerson to be his secretary of state in December 2016, he praised the former head of ExxonMobil for his "tenacity, broad experience and deep understanding of geopolitics." In ...

Pelosi and Conway have testy exchange at White House
White House counselor Kellyanne Conway claims that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is not "pro-woman" because Pelosi declined to speak with Conway about negotiations with the White House.

Howard Stern: Trump's candidacy for president was a 'publicity stunt'
Radio shock jock Howard Stern believes President Donald Trump's candidacy for president started out as a "publicity stunt" in order to get a raise from NBC for hosting "The Apprentice."

Howard Stern reveals Trump phone call that 'shocked' him
Radio host Howard Stern tells CNN's Anderson Cooper that he was shocked to receive a phone call from President Donald Trump when he was about to go on stage to be endorsed ...

These are the people involved in the scandal around alleged sex cult Nxivm
A man who captivated thousands of people with his self-empowerment vision is standing trial accused of running a secret sex cult.

The reality for women seeking abortions in Alabama and Georgia
Alabama and Georgia recently passed some of the most restrictive abortion legislation in the country.

ATF agents hunting down illegal machine gun device
Federal authorities suspect that thousands of machine gun conversion devices have been illegally imported into the United States from China, in some cases ending up in the hands of convicted felons, CNN ...

Searchers looking for missing 4-year-old don't believe she's alive
It has been weeks since little Maleah Davis went missing and the man overseeing the search for the Houston girl has no hope searchers will find her alive.

Opinion: Only one year to save the planet
On Friday, countless young people will flood the streets of the world's major cities, demanding action to tackle climate change. The global movement stems from the stark reality that the window to ...

Cooper: I was wrong when I said this was 'not normal'
CNN's Anderson Cooper blasts President Donald Trump for his impromptu press conference where he railed against House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and called himself a "stable genius."

Prisoner believed to have spent the longest time in solitary confinement dies
Thomas Silverstein, a triple murderer who spent decades in solitary confinement in federal prison, died at a Colorado hospital this month, officials said Wednesday.

Man's missing mom found buried in backyard while he collected her benefit checks
The last time anyone saw 97-year-old Leonie Shannon was in late December. In April, police were finally called to her Phoenix-area home for a wellness check.

This is how Maisie Williams wishes 'Game of Thrones' had ended
Maisie Williams had her own vision for how she wanted "Game of Thrones" to end.

Daughter of NBA owner and rapper troll each other during playoff game

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