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Republican fury over the failure to retake the Senate is growing, with one senator saying the 'Trump obsession is very bad' for the party
• Trump team finds 2 docs with classified markings in Florida storage unit • Trump poses with QAnon, Pizzagate conspiracy theorist at Mar-a-Lago

Trump team finds 2 docs with classified markings in Florida storage unit
• 'Trump obsession is very bad': Senate Republicans confront problems after poor election showing • Trump poses with QAnon, Pizzagate conspiracy theorist at Mar-a-Lago

Analysis: Trump isn't the only thing that could rock American democracy
American democracy -- and the evolving way in which it is executed -- is facing a series of fundamental questions beyond former Donald Trump's election denialism.

Lindsey Graham reacts to Republicans who are blaming Trump
In the wake of the loss of former President Donald Trump's hand picked challenger Herschel Walker to Sen. Raphael Warnock in the Georgia Senate race, the Republican blame-game has begun.

Trump poses with QAnon conspiracy theorist at Mar-a-Lago
Former President Donald Trump posed for photos at his waterfront club on Tuesday with a prominent QAnon conspiracy theorist, in the latest in a string of incidents that highlight the GOP candidate's ...

Trump Org. fraud trial juror tells CNN the panel was 'serious' and didn't focus on Donald Trump
The jury who convicted Donald Trump's namesake companies earlier this week was "serious" and tried to focus on the law -- not the former president, one of the jurors said in an ...

Opinion: Why Herschel Walker lost
This year's most expensive US Senate race in the country -- over $380 million spent through the end of November -- is finally over. Georgia's incumbent Democratic Sen. Raphael Warnock, pastor at Atlanta's ...

Uvalde sheriff had vital information about school shooter that was not shared
• Watch: CNN reporter grills Uvalde sheriff about vital school shooter information he did not share • Shooting outside an Atlanta-area Walmart leaves at least 1 injured, police say • Two teens arrested ...

Peru's president arrested after actions that caused international outcry
• Who is Dina Boluarte, Peru's first female president?

Statins lower risk of deadliest kind of stroke, study finds
Doctors know that drugs called statins lower a person's risk of a stroke due to a blood clot. But a new study shows that the inexpensive medications can also decrease the risk ...

Some Supreme Court justices appear skeptical in historic election rules case
• Analysis: Donald Trump's lasting impact on the Supreme Court • Opinion: The Supreme Court case that threatens democracy

Analysis: Twitter's makeshift hotel rooms show just how broken US work culture is
American work culture is having an identity crisis. Are we a #riseandgrind people or are we #QuietQuitting? Are we, as Elon Musk and Sam Bankman-Fried have modeled, going so "extremely hardcore" that ...

Chris Wallace asks Fauci what he thinks about Donald Trump
As he prepares to leave the National Institutes of Health after 54 years of public service as the nation's top doctor of infectious disease, Dr. Fauci reflected on the ups and downs throughout ...

Ukraine war is going to 'take a while,' Putin says as he warns nuclear risk is increasing

Retirement savings changes are on the horizon. Here's what they could mean for you
New retirement rules could make it easier for Americans to accumulate retirement savings — and less costly to withdraw them — if lawmakers pass a retirement reform package before the end of ...

'People are leaving': Intercepted phone call highlights issues within Russian forces
An intercepted phone call between a Russian soldier and his mother reveals conditions on the front lines of Russian President Vladimir Putin's war in Ukraine.

More Americans are moving into harm's way as climate disasters increase
People are moving in droves to places with a high risk of climate disasters, researchers say, despite extreme weather events increasing in frequency and intensity in recent years.

Amateur fossil hunters find giant, 100 million-year-old skeleton
Amateur paleontologists in Queensland, Australia uncovered a rare,100 million-year-old marine reptile's skeleton that could provide vital clues about prehistoric life.

Jennifer Lawrence draws criticism over comment about female action heroes
Jennifer Lawrence shared her thoughts on the history of female-led action movies in a new interview, but the "Hunger Games" star is getting some flack for not quite getting it right.

Taliban carry out first public execution since returning to power in Afghanistan
The Taliban on Wednesday put an alleged murderer to death in the first public execution held in Afghanistan since the Islamist group returned to power.

Biden administration weighs Ukrainian requests for access to US stockpile of controversial cluster munitions
Ukrainian officials and lawmakers have in recent months urged the Biden administration and members of Congress to provide the Ukrainian military with cluster munition warheads, weapons that are banned by more than 100 ...

Topless beaches now legal on Nantucket
It is now legal for women -- and men -- to be topless at beaches on the popular vacation island of Nantucket, off the coast of Massachusetts.

Hawaii's 2 volcanic eruptions keep spewing lava with no end in sight. Here's what could happen next

SE Cupp: Fox News won't face the truth in Georgia
In this week's episode of "Unfiltered," SE Cupp examines what's really driving Republican losses in critical states like Georgia -- and argues that the party and its pundits cannot seem to reckon ...

Lights back on in North Carolina as police search for suspect in power station attacks
The lights flickered back on in homes, businesses and along streets in a North Carolina county Wednesday after a dayslong outage caused by what authorities have described as targeted gun attacks on ...