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The US has always promised that if you work hard, your dreams can come true. Somewhere that got lost.
This fourth of July, nationwide protests and the Covid-19 crisis have forced America to recognize the ugly inequality lying just beneath its star-spangled surface.

Trump rails against removal of monuments in Mount Rushmore address

This is how Canada crushed the curve while the US struggles
CNN'S Paula Newton explains what measures Canadians are taking to flatten the curve as countries continue to battle the coronavirus pandemic.

As coronavirus cases skyrocket, officials make unusual plea for July Fourth parties
After a week of skyrocketing coronavirus cases in the United States, officials are issuing a stark warning this July Fourth: Skip the parties.

Dr. Gupta: If the United States were my patient
Back in the middle of May, I wrote an essay titled "If the United States were my patient," pondering what it would be like if the United States were a flesh-and-blood person ...

'Beyond irresponsible': Doctor slams Trump for tonight's event
Dr. Celine Gounder called the Independence Day celebration at Mount Rushmore, which President Trump is attending, "beyond irresponsible" as coronavirus cases increase in the US. The event will not require masks or ...

US reports more than 50,000 new coronavirus cases for third straight day

America could run out of fireworks this weekend. Here's why
International supply chains, a pandemic during peak production and record sales means shelves could soon be bare at fireworks retailers across the country.

Kimberly Guilfoyle -- Donald Trump Jr.'s girlfriend and top Trump campaign official -- tests positive for coronavirus
• Liz Cheney, key voice in House GOP leadership, increasingly breaks with Trump • 5 American vacationers denied entry to Sardinia under new EU rules

In pursuit of Ghislaine Maxwell, authorities allege mysterious financial dealings with Jeffrey Epstein
• Opinion: Indictment puts Ghislaine Maxwell in a tough spot

If they're going to rename the Washington Redskins, these are the likeliest contenders
The Washington Redskins could be sporting a new team name this fall, if and when the 2020 NFL season begins.

Officers fired over photos taken near Elijah McClain's memorial
Two Aurora, Colorado, police officers involved in taking selfie photographs at the memorial site for Elijah McClain and an officer who failed to alert supervisors about the photos were fired on Friday.

Former Florida Trump supporter: Based on my friends, he has no chance
CNN's Jeff Zeleny speaks to longtime Republicans in Florida who say they will not vote for President Donald Trump in November because of his response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Instagram star flaunted lavish lifestyle but was actually conspiring to launder hundreds of millions of dollars, US prosecutors say
A Nigerian man nicknamed "Ray Hushpuppi" who flaunted his Rolls Royces, fancy watches and designer clothing on Instagram faces money laundering conspiracy charges in the United States, according to the Department of ...

Britain has one of the world's worst Covid death rates. Now many fear it's about to drink itself into chaos
The thought of a pint of beer in a proper pub is a dream that has sustained many people in the UK through the tough months of coronavirus lockdown, but as the ...

Sheriff warns protesters he will deputize gun owners
A Florida sheriff is warning protesters that he will deputize lawful gun owners to quell protests that turn violent in his county.

High school baseball player says fans yelled, 'You should have been George Floyd' and 'Get back to the fields'

Analysis: Take a quick breath, 2020 is only half over
2020 has so far been a mess of frightening existential threats, previously unimaginable lifestyle changes and inspiring moments of genuine change all crashing into each other.

Texas hospital brought reporter to tears
CNN's Miguel Marquez goes inside a San Antonio, Texas, hospital that is becoming overwhelmed with patients as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread.

Mary Trump surfaces in written testimony as fight over publication of book rages on
• Court sides with publisher of tell-all book by Trump's niece

Young daughter crashing mom's live BBC interview will be the best thing you see today
Two live home interviews on BBC and Sky News in England had adorable interruptions on the same day.

Brie Larson reveals the roles she lost out on
Before she was "Captain Marvel," Brie Larson says she missed out on some big movies.

Dad stunned by what he saw on his family's home security camera
A Connecticut man says he was stunned to see his 9-year-old son hiding from police on home surveillance video despite his family having positive experience with officers in the community. CNN affiliate ...

Analysis: Cracks in the Trump-Europe relationship are turning into a chasm
For more than 70 years, the transatlantic alliance has served as the unshakable foundation of European stability and underpinned the values of the US-led Western order. In 2020, it appears that relationship is being ...

Transgender advocacy group launches Spanish language hotline service
After experiencing a surge in calls, a transgender advocacy group launched a Spanish language version of their hotline on Wednesday.

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