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The President flexed sweeping wartime powers in another big leap forward in the vaccination drive, while some Republican state leaders defied warnings
Covid questions, answered | Your state's case trend

Experts are warning of a potential Covid-19 surge
For weeks, public health leaders across the US have stressed that now is not the time to ease Covid-19 restrictions and let up on safety measures, warning that another potentially dangerous surge, ...

He was days away from getting a vaccine. Then he got Covid
Just days before he was supposed to receive the Covid-19 vaccine, 88-year-old Leonard Davis contracted coronavirus and died 10 days after being admitted to the hospital. CNN's Randi Kaye reports.

Pelosi's office says 2 controversial projects will be pulled from Covid bill
Two big projects originally slated to be part of the Covid-19 relief bill but criticized as being unrelated to coronavirus relief will be pulled from the package, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office ...

Kenya receives more than 1 million vaccines through COVAX

Third largest school district in the US welcomed back thousands of students. Here's what it's like inside

Rep. Ronny Jackson made sexual comments, drank alcohol and took Ambien while working as White House physician, Pentagon watchdog finds

Roberts' second chance to diminish the Voting Rights Act
• SCOTUS conservatives poised to uphold Arizona's curbs on voting • Don Lemon: GOP election official said the quiet part out loud

From confidence to a distraction: Inside Biden's failed push for Neera Tanden
Standing onstage in December at the Queen Theater in Wilmington, Delaware, Joe Biden described his freshly nominated pick to run the White House budget office, Neera Tanden, as "brilliant." He cited her ...

US infrastructure gets slightly better grade on engineers' report card: C-
America's infrastructure received an overall grade of C- from the American Society of Civil Engineers, according to the group's 2021 Report Card, released Wednesday.

McEnany says she expected 'peaceful' rally on January 6. Keilar rolls the tape
CNN's Brianna Keilar sounds off on former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany for claiming that the Trump administration expected a "peaceful" rally on January 6, the day rioters attempted to stop the ...

At least a dozen people were killed in horrific crash in rural California. Here's what we know
The details surrounding the deadly accident in rural California on Tuesday are still unclear, but what is known is that an SUV was struck by a semitruck towing two trailers -- and ...

House Oversight Committee subpoenas Trump's accounting firm Mazars again
The House Oversight Committee has issued a new subpoena to accounting firm Mazars USA for a wide swath of records related to former President Donald Trump, which would likely include the ex-President's ...

Trump got vaccinated in secret. Here's why this is a big deal
Dr. Peter Hotez says that if former President Donald Trump and former first lady Melania Trump had decided to reveal to the public that they received the Covid-19 vaccine it would have ...

Cuomo made unwanted advance toward woman during 2019 wedding, witness says
Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo made an unwanted advance toward a woman at a 2019 wedding, The New York Times first reported on Monday evening and a friend of the woman who ...

Opinion: Biden is right about 'aliens'
Last month, an email obtained by Axios revealed that Joe Biden's administration is encouraging the elimination of the use of the term "alien" or "illegal alien" in favor of "undocumented individual" or "...

Doctor attends virtual traffic court during surgery
A Sacramento surgeon faces a medical board investigation after video of him attending a traffic court hearing showed him in an operating room with a patient on the table. CNN's Dan Simon ...

Nix the six: These Dr. Seuss books will no longer be published

Opinion: The real reason for the Dr. Seuss freakout
As social mores and cultural preferences change, companies adjust. They change what they sell, adding or updating products and letting others go. This isn't news -- or at least it wasn't, until ...

Inside the tension between 2 anchors at ABC

Microsoft says a group of cyberattackers tied to China hit its Exchange email servers
Microsoft says that a sophisticated group of hackers linked to China has exploited its popular email service that allowed them to gain access to computers.

What a $15 minimum wage really looks like
CNN's Chris Cuomo breaks down what a $15 minimum wage really looks like after taking into account hours worked, taxes and cost of living.

Reggae pioneer Bunny Wailer has died at age 73
Reggae music pioneer, Neville "Bunny Wailer " Livingston, has died at the age of 73, Jamaica's Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport said in a statement.

Hidden tunnels revealed in new satellite images
CNN's Kylie Atwood discusses the new satellite images that US intelligence claims is an underground nuclear weapons storage facility in North Korea.

Opinion: What's happening in Texas and Mississippi has to stop
The historic winter storm that crippled Texas during the third week of February spotlighted the Lone Star State's pervasive history of structural racism. Similarly, it revealed how seemingly universal crises, such as ...

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