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The President and attorney general spent the day after articles of impeachment were unveiled deflecting facts and breathing life into conspiracy theories
Donald Trump is seeking to survive impeachment the same way he built his powerful presidency -- by assaulting facts and seeking to expand the limitations of the office he is accused of ...

Senate will hold impeachment trial next year, McConnell says

Lemon mocks Trump team's troll: Are you people insane?
CNN's Don Lemon slams a Twitter meme put out by the Trump War Room trolling Democratic leaders as "stupid and juvenile."

Opinion: Are Trump impeachment articles legally flawed?
On Tuesday, House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler introduced two articles of impeachment against Donald Trump. The first charges that the President committed an abuse of power to pressure Ukrainian President Zelensky to ...

See Oval Office photo of Trump that shocked McCabe
Ex-FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe explains why the photograph tweeted by President Trump of his meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in the Oval Office is so extraordinary.

President Trump's impeachment charges, explained

What are articles of impeachment?
The process for dealing with a President or other federal elected official who abuses their office is spelled out broadly in the Constitution.

Inspector general testifies about his Russia report
• READ: Inspector general Michael Horowitz's Senate testimony • Analysis: 11 truth-stretching lines from attorney general Bill Barr's Russia interview • Senators to grill Justice Department watchdog as fight continues over Russia probe

Why Time's person of the year pick will drive Trump crazy
• Time magazine names its person of the year

Trump Judaism order could affect college funding

He'll be the first federal prisoner executed in 17 years. His victims' relatives don't want that
The family of Daniel Lewis Lee's victims were packing bags and planning an hours-long drive to Indiana last week as prison officials there prepared for the first federal execution in nearly 17 years.

Fatally flawed 737 MAX had significantly higher crash risk, FAA concluded
A Federal Aviation Administration analysis of the Boeing 737 MAX following the Lion Air crash last fall found the plane is significantly more likely to crash than other aircraft, according to a person ...

Analysis: Trump or George Washington? Republicans can't decide who is better
Who's a better president: The first one or the current one?

Pelosi walks impeachment tightrope
CNN's Tom Foreman takes a look at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's evolving role in the impeachment probe into President Trump.

Jersey City shootout started with 'targeted' attack on kosher market, officials say
The gunfire lasted for hours in a standoff that killed four in Jersey City, New Jersey, with the city streets taken over by armed officers and the sounds of sirens and gunshots.

Naval Air Station Corpus Christi lifts lockdown. Suspect in custody, base says
The Naval Air Station Corpus Christi was placed on lockdown and a suspect was taken into custody on Wednesday morning, NAS Corpus Christi said on Facebook.

Avlon: Barr one of most partisan ever
CNN's John Avlon takes a look at Attorney General Bill Barr and if he acts more as a personal attorney for the President or the Attorney General.

Republicans think the economy is great. Democrats not so much
How's the US economy doing? Increasingly, the answer depends whether you're a Republican or a Democrat.

Company surprises employees with $10 million in bonuses at holiday party
When a Maryland real estate company handed out red envelopes to employees during the annual holiday party on Saturday, no one knew what to expect.

Strategist's surprise Trump prediction
CNN political commentator and Democratic strategist Paul Begala predicts that this will not be the first attempt at impeaching President Trump because he believes Trump would be impeached again if he ignored ...

Philip McKeon, former child actor, dead at 55
Philip McKeon, the former child actor best known for his role on the CBS sitcom "Alice," died Tuesday, a family spokesman said. He was 55.

Monumental statue of black man unveiled in former capital of the Confederacy

IHOP experiments with a new restaurant concept

9-year-old prodigy leaves university without graduating
Child prodigy Laurent Simons has left his university course, following a dispute over his graduation date.

Popeyes debuts a chicken-inspired ugly Christmas sweater
Popeyes declared world domination this year when it debuted the chicken sandwich that's inspired countless think pieces, internet debates and nationwide sellouts.

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