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President-elect Biden calls on Americans to 'shine the lights in the darkness' to honor the 400,000 people who died from Covid in the US

Watch Biden's remarks at Covid-19 memorial
President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris honored the 400,000 people who have lost their lives to the Covid-19 pandemic with a national Covid-19 memorial. CNN's Jake Tapper and Abby Phillip discuss ...

In pictures: The inauguration of Joe Biden
President-elect Joe Biden will take the oath of office on Wednesday, but it will be a scaled-down inauguration unlike any we've ever seen.

CNN explains why Biden's flight to DC is so unusual
President-elect Joe Biden arrives at Joint Base Andrews in a private plane ahead of Inauguration Day.

Bernie Sanders: This is agenda Democrats should pursue under Biden's leadership
The headlines dominating the news understandably deal with the outrageous behavior of President Donald Trump and the attempted coup he inspired at our nation's Capitol.

See key moments from Trump's farewell video
President Donald Trump released a farewell message video on his last full day as President, describing his accomplishments and offering luck and "best wishes" to the incoming Biden administration.

Trump administration leaves Biden with 'confusing' Covid-19 vaccine numbers and states in limbo
• LIVE UPDATES: Blinken says Biden administration will keep embassy in Jerusalem and recognize it as capitol of Israel • Key takeaways from the first confirmation hearings for Biden nominees • 12 Army ...

How Biden's Cabinet compares to the nation -- and to the leaders Trump and Obama picked

Analysis: What happens to Mike Pence now?
If an alien landed on Earth today, he/she/it could be forgiven if they assumed that Mike Pence was the president of the United States.

DOJ closes insider trading investigation into Sen. Richard Burr
The Justice Department has notified Republican Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina that it has closed the insider trading investigation into him.

McConnell directly blames Trump for provoking mob and feeding lies
• 12 Army National Guard members removed from inauguration duty • Trump talked out of pardoning kids and Republican lawmakers • NY state court employee charged after allegedly threatening to kill several Democratic ...

CNBC host reveals why he left Fox News
Former Fox News host Shepard Smith discusses his time at the network and why he eventually left.

Biden transition team denies outgoing acting defense secretary transitional office space
The Biden transition team has declined to give outgoing acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller office space and resources for his transition out of the role, according to a Biden transition official.

Group of House conservatives pushing to oust Liz Cheney, an effort GOP aides still view as a long shot
A group of House conservatives is pushing to challenge Liz Cheney's role as conference chairwoman, trying to force a special meeting to discuss her future as the No. 3 House Republican.

Company recalls batch of chocolate milk, saying it may contain food-grade sanitizers
A batch of chocolate milk has been recalled after it was discovered that some could contain food-grade sanitizers.

Trump talked out of pardoning his kids and Republican lawmakers
President Donald Trump received an unsettling warning on his final Saturday night in the White House.

Sen. Hawley blocks quick consideration of Biden's Homeland Security nominee
Sen. Josh Hawley blocked quick consideration of President-elect Joe Biden's Homeland Security nominee, Alejandro Mayorkas, on Tuesday, leaving the third-largest federal department without confirmed leadership as it faces national security concerns, a ...

Trump reportedly wants a 21-gun salute for his departure. The honor has a fascinating history
As President Donald Trump prepares to leave Washington, D.C. for a post-presidential life in Florida, he has indicated that he wants an elaborate sendoff.

Ashley Biden speaks out before inauguration
Ashley Biden, the President-elect's daughter, spoke on NBC's "Today" show about how her family remembers her late brother Beau, and the untraditional transition between the Trump and Biden families.

Covid tracker: See how your state is trending

More than 400,000 in the US have died from Covid on Trump's last full day in office

At least four Covid variants are causing concern among scientists. Here's what we know about them
At least four new variants of the coronavirus are keeping scientists awake at night.

Brazilian officials were warned six days in advance of a looming oxygen crisis in Manaus
Local and federal officials in Brazil were warned of looming oxygen shortages nearly a week before crisis struck in the city of Manaus, the country's Solicitor General has revealed.

Biden transition finds culture of coronavirus denial throughout Trump's federal government
Joe Biden's transition team found a culture of coronavirus skepticism within Donald Trump's federal government as they prepared to take office, sources close to the Biden transition told CNN, with political appointees ...

CDC's vaccine advisers schedule emergency meeting for next week
China and the World Health Organization (WHO) could have acted quicker and more forcefully to contain the start of the Covid-19 outbreak, an independent review panel said on Monday.

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