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Three weeks into the state's unorthodox audit of the 2020 presidential election results, one potential winner seems to be emerging regardless of any count
Three weeks into the Arizona Senate's unorthodox audit of the 2020 presidential election results, one potential winner seems to be emerging, regardless of any count: Cyber Ninjas, the Florida-based consulting firm being paid ...

CNN gets look inside Arizona recount
CNN's Kyung Lah and crew gain access into the Republican election audit of the 2020 ballots from Arizona's largest county.

Arizona Republicans move 2020 ballots in trucks after pausing controversial election audit
The first semi truck full of 2020 election ballots rolled slowly through the Arizona State Fairgrounds on Friday, past the "Crazy Times Carnival" set up in the south parking lot to a warehouse ...

Analysis: US history shows political machinations intended to ensure power for White men

Former AG warns it's no longer 'impossible to imagine' state lawmakers overriding the will of voters
Former acting Attorney General Sally Yates bemoaned House Republicans' decision to oust Rep. Liz Cheney from her leadership post for challenging former President Donald Trump's lie that he won the 2020 presidential election, ...

Opinion: Trumpian insanity has entered GOP's bloodstream
For the last four years, it has felt as if the world has been careening toward madness. Then, it got worse. The global pandemic seemed like a fitting, dystopian final act. But ...

Biden just destroyed one of the nation's most toxic racist myths, and no one noticed
• Reviving an old idea, Biden seeks to unlock bipartisan infrastructure deal

The latest violence between Israel and Palestinians will end when both sides can declare victory. But it will be no more than a truce
• Biden faces an angry rift in his own party over Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Tiger missing in Houston found safe, police say
A Bengal tiger that has been missing in the Houston area has been located, officials said.

A tiger went missing in Houston for nearly a week. Here's how the search unfolded and who police say the owners are
Jose Ramos looked up from his dinner and met a strange sight outside his Houston home last Sunday.

New video shows tiger after it was located
A Bengal tiger that was missing in the Houston area has been located unharmed and is now in the city's animal shelter, officials say.

Media offices destroyed by Israeli airstrike in Gaza
• Israeli strikes hit home in Gaza refugee camp, media offices as conflict intensifies • Opinion: Whatever happened to Jared Kushner's peace plan

Acosta to House GOP: This isn't about 'BS,' it's about betraying your country
CNN's Jim Acosta addresses Republican attempts to rewrite history on the January 6 Capitol riot.

Space Force commander fired after comments made on conservative podcast
A Space Force lieutenant colonel has been removed from his command after appearing on a conservative podcast criticizing the United States military.

Mandatory wildfire evacuations ordered for parts of Los Angeles County
Mandatory evacuations have been ordered for the area near Topanga Canyon due to the Palisades Fire, a tweet from the Los Angeles County Fire Department said Saturday night.

Fox News guest calls out network for allowing misinformation
During an interview on Fox News, Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, implored the network to stop spreading misinformation about the 2020 presidential election. Weingarten tells CNN's Jim Acosta why ...

Child reporter who interviewed President Obama dies at age 23
Damon Weaver, who as a child landed an interview with President Barack Obama in 2009, has died at the age of 23, according to a medical examiner.

There's a database whose mission is to stop problematic police officers from hopping between departments. But many agencies don't know it exists
When a police officer leaves their department because of misconduct, there's no easy public way for people to know if they're rehired elsewhere in law enforcement.

'Hollywood forgot me': Matthew McConaughey opens up about his career
Actor Matthew McConaughey reflects his Hollywood career, including how he transitioned from romantic comedies and how an iconic unscripted moment from "The Wolf of Wall Street" came to be.

CNN viewers panic after Don Lemon's announcement about his show
It's true: "CNN Tonight with Don Lemon" is ending after a seven year run. But he's not going far -- the show is just changing its name.

Coca-Cola just axed another soda
Coke Energy, we hardly knew you. The Coke-energy-drink hybrid is being discontinued in North America, just over a year after it launched.

Cat makes daring five-story jump from burning building
Firefighters captured stunning video of a cat escaping a fire by leaping from an upper floor of a building and then walking away.

These Uyghurs were locked up by the US in Guantanamo. Now they're being used as an excuse for China's crackdown in Xinjiang

Joan Rivers' luxurious (and haunted?) NYC penthouse lists for $38M
Look inside the late Joan Rivers' luxe New York City apartment, which she said she shared with a ghost named Mrs. Spencer.

'SNL' tackles mask questions for vaccinated people in ridiculous scenes
• Video: 'SNL' cold open goes over new mask rules

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