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Forget Cheat ‘Sheet’ — Student Outwits Professor With Enormous 'Cheat Poster'
When Professor Reb Beatty of Maryland’s Anne Arundel Community College arrived at his accounting class to administer a test last week, he hardly could have imagined that he’d be the ...

As Puerto Rico reels from hurricane, Trump focuses on football
Puerto Rico’s governor, its mayors, and its representative to Congress have all called attention to the island territory’s desperate situation, but the president hasn’t mentioned Puerto Rico on Twitter ...

Full Pelosi Interview: 'I Trust Him' on President's DACA Pledge
In an exclusive interview with Meet the Press, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) tells Chuck Todd that she believes the president will honor his commitment to pass new "Dreamer" ...

'We Are Outraged': Thousands Of Faith Leaders Oppose GOP Health Care Bill
A contingent of over 3,000 faith leaders released a letter to members of the Senate on Monday urging them to vote against Republican legislators’ latest attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Soldier saves lifeless puppy with CPR in tear-worthy viral video
An emotional video making its way around the internet shows a Thai soldier giving CPR to a tiny lifeless puppy and eventually bringing him back to life.

Fearing eruption of volcano, thousands begin evacuations in Bali
Indonesian authorities raised the alert status for Mount Agung to the highest level on Friday, and people have scattered to all corners of the island.

Couple's dream wedding at Costco is one we can aspire to
Ah, Costco: Where you can buy your wedding cake, and eat it there too.  As Sue Berkeley and Eli Bob from Sydney, Australia, did, when they got married in the Casula store ...

Nibiru: How the nonsense Planet X Armageddon and Nasa fake news theories spread globally  
Nibiru conspiracy theories about the end of the world have been circulating online for more than two decades, with the latest dubious prophecy predicting the apocalypse - September 23, 2017. Planet X, or Nibiru, ...

Marc Cuban: Trump Must 'Be Able to Take the Blowback' When He Attacks Athletes
Dallas Mavericks owner Marc Cuban tells Meet the Press that the president's attacks on athletes open the door for sports stars to criticize him.

Conservative Catholic Group Accuses Pope Francis Of Promoting Heresy On Divorce
A group of conservative Roman Catholics has accused Pope Francis of spreading “heresy” by signaling his openness to letting some divorced and remarried Catholics receive Holy Communion.

White House officials defend Trump, say athletes 'can do free speech on their own time'
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin defended Trump’s call for NFL players who kneel during the national anthem to be suspended or fired. “It’s not about free speech,” Mnucin said Sunday. “They ...

Aid begins to flow to hurricane-hit Puerto Rico
GUAJATACA, Puerto Rico (AP) — Large amounts of federal aid began moving into Puerto Rico on Saturday, welcomed by local officials who praised the Trump administration's response but called for the emergency ...

North Korea says U.S. 'declared war' warns it could shoot down U.S. bombers
North Korea's foreign minister said on Monday that President Donald Trump had declared war on North Korea and that Pyongyang reserves the right to take countermeasures, including shooting down U.S. ...

Lucy Hale Perfectly Shut Down A Troll Who Called Her 'Anorexic'
Attention all trolls: Lucy Hale is not here for your BS.

How This Hospital Keeps Sick Turtles Safe During Hurricane Season
A few days after Hurricane Irma slammed into south Florida ― while there were still tight travel restrictions and curfews in place ― Bette Zirkelbach stocked an ambulance with supplies and raced south.

Saudi Women Allowed into Sports Stadium for First Time
For the 87th anniversary of its founding the Islamic kingdom lifted strict rules banning women mixing with men at the King Fahd International Stadium in Riyadh.

Model 'scalped and drained of blood' in murder unprecedented 'outside wartime', reveals LA autopsy
An autopsy report has revealed how a model was scalped and drained of blood, in a murder branded unprecedented “outside of wartime”. Comic book writer Blake Leibel, 35, is charged with the murder ...

The U.S. Navy's Nuclear Submarines Could Be Made Obsolete
On a more human level, it would be interesting to go back in time to World Wars I and II, where a constant refrain of the sailors and airmen who hunted subs ...

Here's What Farms Do To Hens Who Are Too Old To Lay Eggs
It’s not a dumb question to ask, and the answer might surprise you.

World War II vet goes viral for taking a knee in solidarity with NFL players
As controversy surrounding President Trump's comments on NFL players protesting during the National Anthem embroiled the country this weekend, one 97-year-old veteran spoke out.

Russian state agents behind 'grave violations' in Crimea: UN
Russian state agents have committed serious abuses, including torture, in Crimea, the UN said Monday, warning that the rights situation in the annexed peninsula had "significantly deteriorated" under Moscow's occupation. In a ...

SitRep: Kurds Vote, as Turks and Iranians Prepare For War
New travel ban, Russians bomb U.S. allies in Syria

Correction: Haitians-The Mexican Dream story
TIJUANA, Mexico (AP) — In a story Sept. 19 about Haitians settling in Mexico, The Associated Press misidentified the pastor of a Tijuana church. His name is Gustavo Banda, not Jeccene Thimote.

Milo Yiannopoulos Flounders At Desperate 'Free Speech' Rally On UC Berkeley Campus
What was supposed to be his four-day Woodstock at the University of California turned out to be his alt-right Fyre Festival. As he admitted defeat, he promised an “unofficial” rally for his ...

The Milky Way shines down on Mount Fuji
This is the mesmerizing image of a colorful Milky Way shining down on Mount Fuji. Steve Lance Lee, 37, captured the sky above the iconic mountain whilst on his honeymoon in Lake Kawaguchiko, ...

Chelsea Manning barred from entering Canada for offences 'similar to treason'
Chelsea Manning, a former American soldier jailed for leaking troves of classified information, said on Monday that she was banned from entering Canada due to criminal convictions in the United States. Manning ...

At Least 1 Person Was Killed in Tennessee Church Shooting. Here’s What We Know
At least one woman was killed and seven people were injured Sunday when a masked gunman opened fire outside a Tennessee church, according to the Metro Nashville Police Department.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Picks Apart The Science Of Iconic ‘Game Of Thrones’ Scenes
Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson has some good news and bad news for the creative team behind “Game of Thrones.”

Singer Jessie James Decker Voices Support For National Anthem Amid Protests
Country singer Jessie James Decker spoke out in support of the national anthem amid NFL protests over President Donald Trump’s comments attacking players who choose to kneel during the patriotic song.

Twitter conspiracy theorists erupt over Prince Harry's 'devil' hand gesture while greeting Melania Trump
Melania Trump met Prince Harry for the first time over the weekend while attending the Invictus Games in Toronto, Canada, but one bizarre moment between the two stood out: a hand "...

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